The ways of love are intricate
Love is exaggerated
It’s overated to say the least
The founder of love
Chose a beautiful name
To lure the ones in quest of it
To the arena
Making them think that it’s all beauty and roses
That’s it’s all peaceful and fulfilling

They should have chosen a different name
Befitting of its intricate ways
One that depicts the true nature of love
It’s meandering ways
The ups and downs of love
How fulfilling and how draining it can be
It should be a name that shows how much sacrifice one has to give
Stigmata would be befitting

They lied when they said
That love conquers all
No, love conquers you
Leaves you helpless
In need
Holds your heart captive
You cannot free it from someone

You can love someone
Not worthy of your love
Someone perfectly wrong for you
Yet they can be the only peace you know
Love can make you compromise
Your dreams, values, morals
Only for you to realize
That you invested your feelings
On the wrong person

What is love exactly?
Is it a feeling?
A façade?
A choice people make?
Is it someone I can meet?

Is love disrespectful?
Is it selfish?
Is it cut throat?
Is it endurance?
Is it a large ball of pain and anguish?
Is it just a dream most of us wake up from?
Is love always forgiving?
Is love about second chances?
Is it?


8 thoughts on “STIGMATA;NOT!

  1. Is it a mirage or is it just nonexistent altogether. We are born, we live and die, in pursuit of love. What is this thing really? Thanks for asking the hard questions for us.

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