He wanted some companionship
Watch a movie,
In a serene indoor setting,
Just me and him,
Sweet scented candles

Setting the right mood
Roses sprinkled on the floor
All the way to the bed.
Making ‘a bed of roses’
A reality!

A warm bubbly bath set
With chocolates placed by the tub
My preferred red wine;
And a bottle of whiskey for him
Sitting in anticipation
With two glasses
Waiting for our indulgence.

A rather boring movie
To drift our attention
To the chill
And not on the ‘netflix’.

I stood in utter anticipation
If my rather randy
Bedroom behavior
And him being a bedroom bully
Would blend with this
Romantic setting

With my rather
Savage appetite,
Was I willing to play cool
And let the Netflix
Lead to the chill;
Or was I going to let
My grandiose hunger manifest
And go straight to the chill?


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