Shattered love
Feels like pieces of broken glass
Breaks my heart
It cant find its way around it

Help me understand
What my heart did to you
Were you on a revenge mission
To hurt women with
Good intentions?

Were you lost
That you tried to find your way
But ended up losing it instead?
Did anyone teach you that
To dominate is to own?

Did your mother not tell you
That love is like a flower
Surrounded by thorns
How you nurture it
Determines if it will grow or die!

Your mother should have told you
That too much power
Messes up your head
Poisons your thinking
Tilts your composure!

She should have shown you
How soft the heart that loves is
Like feathers
If you expose them to the wind
They will be blown to a world far away
Never in your possession to be again!

You should have known
That to conquer a woman
Requires you to conquer yourself first!
To master your love language
To master your heart
And understand what it wants

Someone should have reminded you
Why you fell in love with me
In the first place
I should have reintroduced myself to you
I should have had that grip on your heart

But I was busy
With myself
Rediscovering who I was
Falling in love
With who I was becoming

That I forgot
You need to be reminded
The sweet fruits of love
And how delicious they taste
The meandering ways of love
And how far they can push you

I should have worked harder
To earn your love
But too bad for me
It was too damn expensive
I couldn’t afford it
I couldn’t cash the damn cheque!


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    1. Aaaaw thanks dear and knowing that you always look forward to reading my posts motivates me to be consistent, thanks a bunch.

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