dock under cloudy sky in front of mountain

A few months ago, love died!
I reported the death to the nearest police station
So that they could come and take it to the morgue
I didn’t want to be a murder suspect
In the death of love!

Love died at exactly 2:00 a.m.
On a Tuesday morning.
It caught me by surprise
Love was not ailing
It did not show any signs
That it wanted to die

I suspected that love took its own life
But every evidence
At the scene of the crime
Pointed towards murder
Cold murder

The blood splattered was too much
For it to be a suicide
But there was no murder weapon
At the scene
I searched for it before calling the cops
In case it had my finger prints on it

Deceased at the wee hours of the morning
It made me question if I was the killer
I mean, it was dead silent
And I could not hear the intruder come in
Okay; wait; if there was an intruder at all:
How did he come in?
How did he leave the house?
All the doors were locked
Only him and I had the access to the key
In fact he kept them safely under his pillow when he slept

Wait, could it be him
Who woke up
Tip toed out of bed
Killed love mercilessly
Cleaned up
Then went back to slumber
As if nothing had happened
Then tried to frame me
For a crime I knew nothing about?

Could he be so conniving?
The audacity!
How could he?
But wait
What if it was me
Who sleep walked to the kitchen
Took the big blue knife
Came back into the room
Slaughtered love
In cold blood
Then went back to bed after cleaning up!?

No, no it couldn’t be me!
I’ve never sleep walked a day in my life
But why did I have the stains of blood
What exactly was going on here?
And where was the murder weapon exactly!?
Okay, maybe the CCTV footage could help me
Solve the mysterious killing of love

But no, turns out nothing was captured on the CCTV camera!
But how?
The cops would be here in a few
What exactly will I tell them happened?
Should I just plead the fifth?
Okay, maybe I should never have called the cops in the first place
But I needed them to help here
I needed the coroner
To rule it out as murder
Maybe conclude that it was suicide
Or maybe say that it was inconclusive

I wanted a death certificate
So that I could start mourning
Start going through the stages
Of grief and bereavement…….



Show me the way to your heart,
So that I can my find my way
To the deepest caverns of your existence
You have given me a single room in your heart
But I want the whole house
I want your heart to beat only for me
Selfish; right?
In the cold, lonely nights
The memories of your skin on mine
Keep me warm
The memories of your soft lips
On mine
Poison my heart
I know I can’t have you in my bed;
For as long as I want,
But I will always hold on
To memories of us naked in bed;
The way you confuse me,
I could call you Confucius!
Thoughts of you
Keep me awake at night.
I want to feed my cravings for you
I could let you use me;
If I make you feel half of what
You make me feel,
Then I don’t ever want to say goodbye!



Sometimes I want to be alone
I want to sink in my misery
I want to master loneliness
To conquer my fears
Sometimes I want to clear my mind
To distance myself from you
To distance my mind from thoughts of you
To distance my heart from your feelings
I want to soak my soul in my pain
To feel every inch of heartache that heavily weighs me down
To bathe in my affliction
To familiarize myself with peace
Sometimes, I want to listen to my heart beat
To hear the rhythmic sound of my breath
To get in touch with nature
To align my self with my purpose
Some times I want to enjoy the silence
In an empty room
To feed from this cup of adversity
That has become a friend to me
It’s the only way I feel alive
I want to get lost in my distress
To find solace in my own arms
To learn how to embrace myself
And get accustomed to the sound of my heart
That beats painfully!



To him;
I’m like a natural scenery,
The place where nature
Meets serenity.
I’m like a museum;
He wants to look,
Not touch
To let the image of my body
Get imprinted
In his photographic memory.
He is fascinated
By how mysterious
I seem to be
He says;
I’m wanderlust,
An adventure
He wants to conquer!
He stares at me, like a puzzle
He is trying
To solve.
He says;
My body is a canvas
Depicting art
So intricate
Art so indelible
It will last a myriad of years


Letters To Temptation.

Hi stranger,
I want to tell you something,
More like confess;
You don’t know this but,
I think about you.
I have a great urge
To call you
And hear your soothing voice
And listen to your endless stories;
I want to come and see you
To make my heart happy!
But then I get cold feet
I get scared to reach out to you;
Not because I can’t
But because of boundaries!
I don’t want to overstep my boundaries
I want to stay in my lane
For I know
Your love is not mine
Your heart belongs to another
It’s sold, packaged and delivered to another
And I don’t want to compete with another.
I don’t know what we are;
Our relationship is not defined
I like it that way though,
I don’t want to complicate it more than it is already,
My heart wants to stay at a safer distance;
From yours
Waiting on you,
Is like waiting on a love that will never suffice
For you are mentally stimulating;
Our conversations,
Make my mind get an orgasm
And I’m afraid
That I could be a casualty
Of your charming personality!


I had forgotten
The sweet scent of your perfume
Until I met that stranger
A few years ago;

That sweet scent evoked sensual emotions,
Reminded me of home
And how long I had been running,
It reminded me of scars;
Scars of love!

You wouldn’t understand though;
I mean,
Do you know pain?
Do you have scars?
Scars of love?

That scent reminded me of brokenness,
It reminded me of you!

That sweet scent
Rejuvenated my mind
Awakened thoughts
Buried deep in the caverns of my heart!

I miss that scent;
On your skin
And how hard it made my heart beat
Arousing the hairs on the nape of my neck;

It’s strange
How that scent awakens the good, the bad and the ugly;
Making me yearn for a love so deep
But scared that my scars might be bruised;

You don’t know pain
I don’t expect you to understand
Why I could love you so hard
But let go of you
So easily.



My heart yearns for love,
But it’s not willing to conform
To the ways of love!

My heart craves for affection,
But it won’t cave in
When it’s shown affection!

My heart wants to feel
The sweetness of romance
But it won’t melt when exposed to it!

My heart wants to be seduced,
But it plays hard to get
Every time a potential suitor is in the vicinity!

My heart wants to be conquered,
But it’s hard headed
It won’t submit itself to another!

My heart recognizes submission,
But it’s dominant
And won’t let another rule over it!


Deep in the heart of Elgeyo Marakwet County lies a gem; a place where nature meets serenity; where ambience makes the loudest statement and the views are just to die for.

Views for days!

I love the view from up here
Before breakfast
Checking to see if Barrett had enjoyed his breakfast
Taking it all in
Just out here working through motherhood
The cleaner who was assigned to my room was kind enough to take this picture.
Outside the dining area
The rooms
And then the inside…

From this angle
The breakfast
After breakfast
And here
The lounge
Chilling area beside the bed
The villas

The villas
And the heavenly views
And the entrance

If you are going to SAMICH to spend the day, savour nature then go back home, you will only spend Ksh 200 which is also redeemable at the restaurant.
If you plan on spending the night or a few days there, you can get a room for as low as Ksh 10,000/- which caters for bed and breakfast. Dinner and lunch is not included in that amount.
For the villas, you pay Ksh 40,000/- and it’s to be shared by at least seven people.
Please keep in mind that prices may be revised from time to time but one thing that is constant in SAMICH, is the ambience!


I saw your eyes
Hell fire burning
From the look they gave me
I felt your wrath
From your ice cold touch
I felt the distance
When you couldn’t stand
The mere sight of me
I thought it was all a dream
A nightmare
I struggled to wake up
Only to find out that
It was my reality
My bitter truth!

J.Epereje ©