lake and mountain

Thoughts of you
Keep me company
In the nights when I can’t sleep!
Memories of your betrayal
Hold me close
On the warm nights
Keeping me cold and woke
The emptiness you left,
Has become my partner;
When fear grips me in the dark!

Loneliness has become the new normal,
I no longer wish you were in my bed,
I love how big my space has become!
Selfish me;
I’m no longer obligated to share the best parts of me with you.

The sweetness of your voice
Has been blown away by the morning wind
I no longer crave for it to wake me up
Your soft touch and passionate caresses
Are nothing but a memory in the past
The warmth of your body close to mine
Is now but a déjà vu
I only remember it partially
The love I had for you;
I buried it deep in the caverns of my existence
It is useless, it does not evoke any emotions
It’s like that stranger’s perfume from ages ago
It lost it’s strength!


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