She loves me, She loves me not.

silhouette of trees and mountain

I have thought of beauty, I have thought of you,
I believe in love, I believe that your heart was true,
I have taken a long time to see, I have taken enough time to be,
I saw us in a future together, I even believed that we had a future together,
What is Love? It is about us, it is about trust?
When what I have felt matters then I may have a chance to fix my heart as it is battered,
For you as a man I forever would have catered,
Watch the children in their honesty,
Witness my intentions before God and man I bare myself honestly,
A hard time it has been, my capabilities are an asset to the team ,
Trust and us cannot be mentioned without U,
It may not be usual that as a man I claim to love you,
Time has made me insecure of security,
A man of his word is judged on the basis of purity,
In haste I have made my mistakes,
In emotional turmoil forgiveness has escaped,
You said it was only I, you only had eyes for me,
But the confidence strangers made an approach with gave me a different perspective,
You said I had you feeling brand new, water in the cold always turns to dew,
Out of love we a accomplished many a task,
What it turned into, I cannot fathom, that you prefer your own company is not random,
She loves me, she loves me not, no longer can I be sure, I loved you now I love you not of that am sure.


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