photography of a snowy mountain during nighttime

There is a whole year
Where I was numb
Numb to my feelings
I was aware of them
But didn’t feel them
My mind was carrying the burden
My heart
Made of glass
Was shattered ages ago
And the refurbished one
Was trying to be avoidant
It dissociated from my experiences
And chose to be a silent character
Keeping a safe distance
Like a spectator!

My mind
Made of stone
Navigated the entire situation
Which tore me to pieces
Skin to bone!
I couldn’t write about it
Nor talk about it
I cried about it
Wept severally in the night

Wet pillows
A shattered heart
A broken soul
Made his warm arms
That were my safe haven
Feel cold as ice;
I was frozen in time
In pain
In a situation that I couldn’t control
Or do anything to fix
I was lost for that whole year

I still won’t allow myself
To go back there
To that hospital
That time
When fear is all we had
No faith to hold onto;
We were rookies in that world
With no clue of how heavy it would feel
To have a sick family member
With terminal illness.
Oh what a mountain!


3 thoughts on “HEALTH IS WEALTH

    1. Cheers to the man who was and is still like no other. The very definition of humility and kindness with a heart bigger than his time. Our G for life.

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