I went to bed a queen
I woke up a subject
Not deserving
To sit at the high table
With the high and mighty
All of a sudden
I had lost the rights!

I went to bed
A peaceful woman
I woke up
A chaotic woman
Dragged out of my peaceful state
By someone so familiar to me

I went to bed a Brahmin
I woke up a dalit
Even my shadow
Was a bother to him
All of a sudden
I belonged to the street
Doing the dirty work

I went to bed
With a full heart
I woke up with a broken heart
A heart used and abused
Dumped in the trash can
For a homeless person to pick
I went to bed in love
I woke up out of love
With blurred feelings
Everything unrecognizable

I went to bed in peace
I woke up in broken pieces
Neatly stashed by my bedside
For me to collect
On a dust pan
And give it to anyone
Who may desire

I went to bed a goddess
I woke up worthless
Not even worth a dime
My worth had been equated
To the garbage

I went to bed a rich woman
Rich in love
Rich in peace
Rich in contentmemt
Rich in material wealth
I woke up a peasant
With nothing in my name

I went to bed
With the love of my life
The man who made
My lady parts
Concort with desire
The one who made
The whole animal kingdom rumble in my tummy
The one who gave my cold heart warmth
I woke up with a stranger
The devil’s incarnate
The person I detested most

I went to bed whole
But I woke up broken
I could barely be fixed
I was even more broken than before
I went to bed fearless
But I woke up in fear
Fear that gripped my entire being
That crippled my heart
And froze my desire
Fear that stopped me on my tracks
The tracks of a great love story

I went to bed with the love of my life
I woke up with a familiar stranger

18 thoughts on “THE RUDE AWAKENING

  1. This is it, and it happens more often, if waking up from a beautiful dream was an option, no one would dare wake up.
    Thanks for sharing dear!

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