Yarnkara bags: Sling bag with a flap


  • Yarn of preferred size and colour.
  • A size 6 mm crochet hook
  • A pair of scissors
  • A tapestry needle ( to sew in your loose ends)
  • Ankara lining or cotton lining.

Stitches used

  • Double crochet stitches
  • Single crochet stitches


To make this bag, one needs to be atleast an intermediate crocheter with knowledge of increasing your stitches.

Sling bag with a flap

This bag is made in about five steps. The first and second step are the same because it is the part where we make the main part of the bag. The front and the back part of the bag are made differently using double crochet stitches then after making the two parts you join them to make the body of the bag. Use single crochet stitches to bind off.

Sling bag with flap

I worked my bag in the back loops only giving it the beautiful look. The increases happen in each row making the project get bigger as you work each row.

Sling bag with a flap.

After making the two parts of the body you then make the flap. Its a replica of the pattern of the main part of the bag, so you basically repeat the pattern that you were doing when working the two parts of the main part of the bag but you do two or one row(s) less.

Sling bag with a flap

After making of the flap you sew it on the back piece of bag using either your tapestry needle or crochet hook.

Sling bag with a flap

The next step is to sew in your lining. In both my bags I used Ankara lining. You can hand sew it or use a sewing machine. In the brown bag I put my lining in the main part of the bag and also the flap but I noticed that the flap did not stay intact but the edges looked raised so in the blue one I only put the lining inside the main part of the bag which worked way  better for me.

Sling bag with a flap
Sling bag with a flap
Sling bag with a flap

Sling bag with a flap

The last step is the making of the handle for your bag. The length of the bag totally depends on your preference or the height of the person you are making it for. You will then sew the handle in using your tapestry needle. And your project is complete.

Sling bag with a flap
Sling bag with a flap

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