DIY: Beret Hat With Hearts.

Good afternoon team positivity and to all crocheters and knitters.I hope you are well and full of God’s  blessings.Today, I would like to give you the pattern of the beret hat with  flowers. It’s a good project for intermediate crocheters but any beginner can actually work with this pattern. For anyone having trouble understanding the pattern, please refer to my previous article on crochet terms and abbreviations, it is important that you get to understand the pattern by understanding the abbreviations. Let’s get started.

Materials needed:

A size 3.5 crochet hook.

Size 3.5 crochet hook

Chunky yarn of preferred colour.

Chunky yarn
Robin chunky yarn (100% acrylic yarn)

Stitches Used:

Double crochet stitches (dc  sts)

Chain stitches (Ch sts)

Front post double crochet stitches (FPdc)

Back post double crochet stitches (BPdc)

Skills needed:



The pattern.

Make a slip knot, chain 8 stitches then slip stitch on the first chain stitch you made to form a ring.

Round 1: Chain 3 to count as the first stitch of your first round,then work 23 dc stitches into the ring. Slip stitch on the second stitch of the chain 3 stitch, you will have a total of 24 sts.

Round 2: Ch 3,dc in the same loop (the stitch below the chain 3), *Ch 5 ,skip 2  loops,in 3rd dc do 2dc *. Repeat from *to* around.

Round 3:Ch 3,dc in next loop, 2dc in next loop *Ch 4, 2dc in dc last row, 2dc in next dc last row*  repeat from *to* around.

Beret hat with hearts

Round 4: Ch 3,dc in same loop, 2dc in next  loop,2dc in next loop, 2dc in next loop *ch 3,dc in dc last row,2dc in next dc last   row, 2dc in next dc last row, 2dc in next dc last row*. Repeat from *to* around.

Round 5: Ch 3, dc in same loop, 6dc in next each dc last row, 2dc in last loop.* Ch 2,2dc,6dc,2dc *, repeat from *to* around.

Round 6: Ch 3, dc in same loop, 4 dc in next each loops. *2ch, 4dc, in 5th 2dc, in 6th 2dc, 4dc *,  repeat from *to* around.

Beret hat

Round 7: Ch 3, 3dc in each of the next loops, 2dc with one top, *Ch 5, 2dc with one top, 2dc, 2dc with one top*. Repeat from *to* around.

Round 8: Ch 3, 3dc with one top, *5ch,Sl st, 5ch, 4dc with one top*.  Repeat from *to* around.

Round 9: 5ch, Sl st, 5ch, Sl st in each arc around.

Round 10: 3dc in each arc around.

Beret hat

Round 11-15: dc in each loop around

Round 16: Ch 3,FPdc,BPdc,FPdc,BPdc, *skip one loop,FPdc,BPdc, FPdc,BPdc,FPdc*.Repeat from *to*around.

Round 17-18: *3ch,FPdc,BPdc,FPdc,BPdc,FPdc,* repeat from *to*around.

Yarnkara hats

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Thought conditioner:

I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.

Phillipians 4:13

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