Why Yarnkara….?

Hello beautiful people,welcome to Yarnkara. I know most of you must be wondering what Yarnkara is, but not to worry I am here to satisfy your curiosity and to introduce you to my passion.
I am a young vibrant lady with a million dollar dream and am here to pursue it. I love lots of things but top on my list is knitting, followed by my love for tattoos and dreadlocks.I am not going to be focussing so much on the dreadlocks and tattoos but our main area of focus will be anything to do with Yarn and Ankara.
Yarnkara is a label I gave to my designs as my main area of focus is to merge yarn and ankara; also known as  African fabric so as to  come up with unique,authentic and simply beautiful products.
Early last year before my graduation, I had a lot of time on my side and so I decided to search within myself and find something that I would enjoy doing as a pastime. After weeks of self consultation I decided to cover bangles with African fabric because I had some African fabric in my home.It was not all that simple but I made some good bangles.So I kept covering the bangles with African fabric until after my graduation when the knitting idea popped into my head.
I had no idea of how to knit,no prior skills or knowledge whatsoever but I was determined to learn.So with the money given to me during graduation, I went ahead and bought a pair of knitting needles.
I remember the first scarf I knitted, OMG it is not even worth mentioning but thanks to YouTube and google I was able to learn how to knit in the comfort of my house.
It is this passion that has cultivated my desire to want to knit more,to design more and to learn more.So I am going to be sharing with you my passion and my dream and I am hoping that we will all pick a thing or two from each other.

14 thoughts on “Why Yarnkara….?

  1. Lovely! Lovely! To see people chase a dream, a passion, lovely! To see you realise this wonderful dream will even be a greater feeling. You go get what’s yours. Realise your ambition and inspire youngens while at it. Proud of you..

  2. My our good Lord bless the work of your hands. I love and adore Wat u r dng. Keep it up my dota

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