She is a treasure
A beautiful treasure
A priceless one
Her value is infinite
Her beauty;just magnificent!
She has the heart of gold
But she don’t know!
She deserves much more than she gets
She lets them treat her like trash
Let’s them put a price tag on her
Yet she is priceless
A masterpiece!

She is afraid of being alone
She is scared of her own company
She is fearful of her thoughts
She is not ready to confront her demons
She is flawless
But she doesn’t believe she is beautiful
She let them get into her head
She is God’s perfect creation
God really took his time, moulding her
But she has let a couple of bad relationships change that reality!

She makes excuses for their behavior
Always giving second chances
She thinks being too good
Will make them stay
Make them change
Make them treat her better
She thinks that sexual pleasure
Will seal her fate
In their cold hearts
So she seeks to outdo herself Everytime
To outperform herself
They even applaud her for a job well done
She gives her lady parts
To the highest bidder
Forgetting that sex is just sex
But not proof of love

She lets her naivety get the best of her
She is the kind of girl who will drink poison
Just because she is thirsty!
She is the kind of damsel who would rather stick with a narcissist in the desert
Rather than be alone in paradise
She would stomach the hell they give her
Just to hear the devil sing!

She never puts herself first
She never chooses herself
Her happiness doesn’t matter
She is always chasing shadows
Following silhouettes
Always trying to be a dream catcher
She is misunderstood
Her whole life is a façade
She tries too hard to fake it
To impress them
And forgets that it doesn’t matter what they think
Cold cash makes her heart warm
Promises of flashy gifts
Gives her ego an orgasm
Making her desire manifest
Clouds her judgement

She loves to host a pity party
She caters to them
Prepares a buffet
To feed their grandiose appetite
At their own convenience
‘Compromise at her own expense’
Is her third name!


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