Where do broken hearts go?
Who fixes broken hearts?
Where do bleeding hearts go?
Is there a hospital for broken hearts?
Is there a doctor who can mend a broken heart?
Is there a graveyard where dead hearts are buried?
An exclusive site just kept for hearts that no longer feel shit?

Okay, is there someone who can hire a broken heart?
Who wants a broken heart?
I’m offering mine for free
No charges whatsoever
I’m willing to give it out for as long as you want.
Is there a storage space which I can rent for my heart?

What do people do with bleeding hearts?
How do you resuscitate a dying heart?
A heart that is fed up
A heart that has given up on people
A heart that has resigned itself from trying
A heart that knows not how to trust
A heart that is hurt!

Okay, who wants an extra heart?
I don’t want one in return, I promise
I will be a cheerful giver on this, trust me
There will be no strings attached, I promise
Once I give it to you, I’ll never try to find it again
I won’t even report you to the cops
With theft allegations

No one yet?
Okay, who knows how to kill a broken heart?
To save it from it’s misery
I want a clean job
I’ll give a hefty pay when the job is done

Okay, is there a therapist for broken hearts?
Where can I find one?
Are there medications to cure a broken heart?
Is there a rehabilitation center for broken hearts?
Is there a home for broken hearts that are rendered homeless?
I want to evict mine like right now

Who can love a broken heart?
One that is incapacitated
One that needs a lot of care
One that cannot reciprocate feelings of love
One that has grown colder than ice
Okay, can I keep my heart in your house?

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