Brim style: Hemmed brim
Knitting method: Circular knitting method using circular needles.
Stitches used: Knit stitches (K sts)
Purl stitches (P sts)
Knitting pattern: The stockinette stitches.
Size of my hat: The average human head circumference is 21 inches (54 cm).
Needle sizes: A size 4, 32 inch circular needles for the brim and a size 5 32 inch circular needles for the body.

hemmed brim hat

Yarn of preferred size and colour.
2 circular knitting needles of different sizes.
Measuring tape
Stitch markers.
Darning needle.

Casting on.
Using your size 4, 32 inch circular needles cast on the required number of stitches using the long tail cast on method. In my case I cast on 80 stitches.
Be sure that the number of stitches you cast on will be equal to approximately 21 inches or 22 inches.
Ensure that your stitches are aligned properly and not twisted before joining. Place a marker to indicate the end of the row before you start working in the round.

The brim
Work the stockinette stitch (knit) until your hat measures about one inch from the cast on edge.
Work one row of purl stitches to create a turning ridge.
Work one more inch of stockinette stitch.
Switch your circular needles from the size 4 to size 5, 32 inch circular knitting method before working the body.

The body.
Work the body of your hat using any type of stich of your choice. In my case I worked on the body of my hat using the stockinette stitch i.e Knit all round for all rows until you acquire a height that is required before you start working the decrease. In my case I worked my hat to a height of about 7 inches before working the crown.

The crown.
Now its time to start shaping the top of your hat.
We start decreasing from here.
Work in multiples of 10 stitches.
Row 1: K2 together, K8.
Row 2: K2 tog, K7.
Row 3: K2 tog, K6.
Row 4: K2 tog, K5.
Row 5: K2 tog, K4.
Row 6: K2 tog, K3.
Row 7: K2 tog, K2.
Row 8: K2 tog, K1.
Row 9: K2 tog.

stockinette stitch , hemmed brim hat.

Cut off your yarn and finish your project using your darning needle.
Weave in your loose ends and your project will be complete

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