DIY:Crochet indoor shoes.

Hey readers, happy new month.I am hoping that this new month will be full of bliss,peace,positivity and breakthroughs. I made myself some indoor shoes to help me keep warm and I found out that these shoes are convenient,comfy and the warmth is just amazing.So I’ve decided to give you guys the pattern I used so that you can make yourselves some pretty indoor shoes.One thing about this project though is that it varies depending on one’s shoe size.I am a size six,so the pattern is for my shoe size,so when you work on your project make sure you alter the foundation chain to suit your shoe size.

Materials needed:

Yarn of preferred size and colour.

A crochet hook .(I used a size 4.5 hook).

Stitch markers. (You can use yarn of contrasting colour)

A pair of scissors.

A tapestry needle.

Stitches used:

Double crochet stitches (dc sts).

Single crochet stitches. (Sc sts)

Slip stitches. (Sl sts).

Techniques used:



Binding off.

The pattern.

Make a foundation chain of 29 stitches.Double crochet on the fourth chain from the hook; you will have your first two stitches.Work 24dc stitches on the next stitches then on your 25th stitch, work 7 dc stitches (our first increase).

Work 25 dc stitches until you get to the stitch below your first stitch and work 4 dc stitches in that stitches (second increase).Slip stitch on the third stitch of the chain 3 stitch.

Round 1: Chain 3,skip your next stitch ,work 25 dc stitches on the next stitches  and on your 27th stitch(where you did your first increases) and work 2dc stitches in each of the 7 stitches; work 25 dc st in your next stitches and when you get to where you did your second increase,work  2dc stitches in each of the four stitches.Slip stitch on the 3rd stitch of the chain 3 stitch.

Round 2: Chain 3,work 1dc in the same stitch,skip the next stitch then work dc stitches along your row and when you get to your 1st increase,  work 1dc stitches on the next 7 stitches, on the next 5 stitches work 2 dc stitches in each stitch then work 1dc stitches in each of the next stitches until you remain with 3 stitches then work 2dc stitches in each of those 3 stitches.Slip stitch on the 3rd stitch of the chain 3 stitch.

The base of your shoes is now done.Remember to make two of these for both of your shoes.

Round 3: Work 1 dc stitches around your sole,working on the back loops only.This separates the base from the rest of the shoe.

Round 4: Work 1dc stitches in each of the stitches around this time working in your stitches normally.

Indoor shoes

Now,let’s start our decrease.

Fold the fabric into two then divide your stitches into more than half of your stitches.My *more than half* was 58 stitches.

Place your first stitch marker on the 1st stitch and on the 58th stitch.Make sure your stitches are equal on both sides of your shoe.

From where your chain 3 stitch is,work 1 dc stitches until you get to your first stitch marker then start your decrease. Work 2dc stitches with one top until you get to where your second stitch marker is  then complete the rest of the row with 1 dc stitches in each of the remaining stitches.

Crochet indoor shoes

Work 1dc stitches in each stitch around.

Indoor shoes

Binding off.

You either slip stitch in each stitch around or work 1 sc stitches in each stitch around.

Crochet indoor shoes

I altered the pattern and made a pair of boots too.Hope you enjoy this project and have fun making your indoor shoes.Until next week, stay blessed.

Yarnkara indoor shoes

Thought Conditioner

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