Deep in the heart of Elgeyo Marakwet County lies a gem; a place where nature meets serenity; where ambience makes the loudest statement and the views are just to die for.

Views for days!

I love the view from up here
Before breakfast
Checking to see if Barrett had enjoyed his breakfast
Taking it all in
Just out here working through motherhood
The cleaner who was assigned to my room was kind enough to take this picture.
Outside the dining area
The rooms
And then the inside…

From this angle
The breakfast
After breakfast
And here
The lounge
Chilling area beside the bed
The villas

The villas
And the heavenly views
And the entrance

If you are going to SAMICH to spend the day, savour nature then go back home, you will only spend Ksh 200 which is also redeemable at the restaurant.
If you plan on spending the night or a few days there, you can get a room for as low as Ksh 10,000/- which caters for bed and breakfast. Dinner and lunch is not included in that amount.
For the villas, you pay Ksh 40,000/- and it’s to be shared by at least seven people.
Please keep in mind that prices may be revised from time to time but one thing that is constant in SAMICH, is the ambience!


Located about 4 kilometers from Nakuru Town is the Hyrax hill museum. It’s name was inspired by the high number of hyraxes that were found at the hill. At the top of the hill you can see Lake Nakuru.
The late Mrs A. Selfe was the owner of the property and she made discoveries of the relics.
This was also followed by subsequent archeological excavations carried out by Dr Mary Leakey revealing substantial findings in different parts of the site.
She discovered different levels of occupation for example site 1 which was evidence of late stone age and late iron age.

Iron age settlement

Iron age settlement
Iron age settlement, there were different settlements at the base of the hill
Neolithic burial mound
Neolithic burial mound

There is a gallery at the museum. It’s divided three chambers: the west chamber which displays ethnographic materials the central chamber which captures the archeology of the site and the east chamber captures natural history objects.

Hyrax hill archeology

Site excavations
Early man
Site 1
Site 2
Sirikwa pwople
Skulls of Zinjathropus and Homo Erectus
Stem borer
Stem borer
The rift valley
Distribution of the rift valley people
Lifestyle and diet
Tools and musical instruments

Sirikwa pot from mound A in site 2
Rock hyrax
Rock hyrax
Spitting cobra
Spitting cobra

There are tortoises at the museum. The youngest at the time I was there was 31 years old while the oldest was 86years old. The young tortoises have a darker shell compared to the older ones. To differentiate between the male and female tortoises, look at their hind feet. Female tortoises have sharper nails which they use to dig the ground once they hatch. They hatch 15 to 30 eggs in one sitting and burry the eggs in the ground. Laying of the eggs, digging of the ground and burrying the eggs takes a whole day. They hatch thrice a year. They have a gestation period of 8 to 15 months.
If you turn tortoises upside down, you will notice that a male one has a depression along it’s lower part of the body while female doesn’t. The depression aids in mating.
Their defense mechanism include hiding its head inside the shell, they produce a hissing sound and they could urinate on you, the urine is said to be itchy.
Tortoises get sick and are also infested with pests. Treatment is done by KWS officers.
A tortoise’s egg can be eaten boiled or fry and it’s meat is white but is mostly cooked and served in five star hotels.
I’m yearning to have a taste because I love white meat so much.

This is where the tortoises are kept

The one on Joseph’s left hand is male while the one on his right is female
Tortoises chilling
Defense mechanism right there!
Gang gang!
Feeding time
This was the oldest one at 86 years old, it had a cracked shell and that’s why it was isolated from the rest
At the top of the hill I made a friend who loves adventure as much as I do
Sister Sister
I love the view from here
I miss this jeans, damn!
Sister sister


simply beautiful
interesting piece of art
i see the beauty in simplicity
the beauty in art
in my next life, i would be a photographer
i love the view
the thoughtfulness that was put into this is just amazing
i could sit here and read a book
the beauty in nature
i love paintings that challenge my thought process
i love mirrors
i love art, especially if its in the dining area
nice piece of art
how simplicity can speak volumes
the beauty in art
the complexity in simplicity
artistry is a gift
I was here just before christmas and the mood was just right
Can Christmas come already
i love the art
interesting piece of art


Golf and Living

Glass boat

Glass boat
Beach walk
Star fish
Star fish
sea urchin
sea urchin
Dhow bar
A view of the ocean
Robinson Crusoe Island
Mzima house
By Kongo River
Sea spider
Golf and Living
Bush Baby
Bush baby at golf and living
Bush baby
Dhow Bar
By the baobab tree
Susanna and Chaka’s wedding setup
Diani Beach Art Gallery
My Prince Charming
Melanin; so beautiful
At Susanna and Chaka’s wedding
At Golf and living
Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort
My Prince and his aunty
Baobab tree
Susanna and Chaka’s wedding reception setting
Susanna and Chaka’s wedding setup
At Susanna and Chaka’s wedding


So, sometime last year I made a trip to Diani for a friend’s wedding and for adventure too. Today I will be sharing with you the beautiful art from Diani Beach Art Gallery. Hopefully when you eventually get to go there, you pay them a visit. Their art is fulfilling and something out of this world.
PS: The paintings are not my work and as such I do not have rights to them.