green grass field

How I wish you could take a step back
Look deep in my eyes
Identify my pain and emptiness
Try and relate to it
Dig deep into that pain
And realize how draining
Loving you has been;

I wish you could hold me close to your heart
So that I could listen to your heart beat
And see if it beats for me;
For my heart is lost
It doesn’t know if it can beat for you anymore

I wish you could go back to the drawing board
And identify the parts of you
That drew me closer,
That made me fall in love with you

How I wish you could recognize
The pieces of you
That make you a stranger to me;
My love is patient
But you have drained my feelings
You have taken so much from that cup
That it’s almost running empty
I don’t know how to fill it
All I can do
Is be a silent character in my love story
And watch you dominate
Parts of me
That I have struggled to build
And demolish the walls that barricaded my scars
Those scars of love!

But how can I expect you to give something
That you don’t even have!
Neither do you understand it
Love is a foreigner to you
All you do is take and take
In the pretense of love
You confuse love with selfishness

How can I even think that you will understand my pain
When pain is something you only imagine!
How I wish you would take a second and realize,
That to love is to be vulnerable
Maybe then, you would realize
That sometimes
The most important person in a relationship
Is the other person


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