unrecognizable traveler admiring starry sky in nature

In the silence of the night
I stayed awake
Tying to listen to love
But love was silent;
Or maybe tongue tied!

In the cold nights
I tried to reach out to the arms of love
To keep me warm
But it’s hands were numb;
When they enveloped my tiny body
They left me frozen!

In the lonely nights
I called on love
To come keep me company;
But love was deaf
It couldn’t hear me
Or maybe we were having a language barrier!

On those nights
When I was broken in pieces,
When despair engulfed me,
Leaving me lost in my bed
When darkness is all I was familiar with
When I was unable to love myself
When I couldn’t trust myself
And I needed love to bring me back to life
To breath the air of life into my lungs
To resuscitate me,
But love left the room
It took a trip to my dream town
And never came back for me

But I still hoped
I sat still
And healed myself
With the sweet memories of love
I kept the faith, in the strength of love

But when love finally showed up;
It had upgraded
It couldn’t recognize my sweetness
It couldn’t share the table with me
It showed me the gutters
Pushed me out
Evicted me from it’s paradise
Love did not need me to define it again!

I was devastated
Broken into a million pieces
Love pierced my very soul
Laughed maliciously as I tried to pick myself up
I met pain and brokenness
In tattered clothes
And they embraced me warmly
Barricaded my soul
Emptiness looked into my eyes
And I looked back
And I knew I was home
Damn! I was late for love!


8 thoughts on “LATE FOR LOVE!

    1. People want convenient love these days. If it works for them then they roll with it; they don’t care if it works for the other person or not! How I wish we had lots of unconditional love to give.

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