BrokEn piECeS

One once said,
‘If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces.’
There could never be a better prescription than this!
No wonder the best love songs
The greatest films created, movies that left a permanent mark in our memories
The most celebrated plays
Are all of bleeding hearts.
Broken Of lovers’ pain
Hurting souls.
From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, to The Titanic
Adele’s ‘someone like you’.
Aaliyah’s ‘The one I gave my heart to’.
To name but a few
Are all of sad love stories beautifully packaged & presented!

But why is it so? another may wonder
I could say it’s nature’s way of soothing us
Reminding us that something beautiful must grow from the used and thrown
Luscious fruits eaten and their seeds buried in rot
These produce fresh plants and flowers so beautiful
Their beauty & scent comforting us.
Child, you see? when you’re down you are not out
a door closing and freshness & light beaming through the window

Allow your mind to traverse the universe
Your imagination to unspecified destinations
Breathe..and let the freshness into your wounded heart
Heal that ailing soul
Drink from the cup of endlessness
Swim in the vast Sea of limitless creativity
Let it all out!
Take that canvas and colours, paint.
Cry, allow the tears to wash away the taint
Create Music with your feelings
Let your story build the lyrics
Form stanzas for your poems
Or just pour it all out in prose!

Take the most beautiful photographs
Of sunsets and sunrise
Of hills and valleys
Of rivers and lakes, Oceans, Seas and Waterfalls…
Clear blue or cloudy skies
Of trees, with dangling nests of birds chirping away
Colourful butterflies flying gracefully
Of ladybirds. Fallen leaves, green grass and flowers..
Savour Mother Nature
She softly whispers that life is beautiful
and that it goes on.
Revive. Rebirth!


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  1. Well said, life is not a rehearsal, cherish every moment, be optimistic and always thrive to make the best out of you.

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