The taste of your lips poisons my heart
It’s like hell fire
Burning without going out
You are perfectly wrong for me
I am perfectly wrong for you
But we don’t want to confront reality
We keep brushing it off
I don’t know why it’s so hard to leave!

We both know how this will end
Bleeding hearts
Broken homes
Blurred realities

I regret tasting your lips
That taste like fine wine
That taste like the forbidden fruit

You are covered with thorns
Thorns that prick my very soul
Yet it’s so hard to leave you
We are lovers of convinience
We don’t want to commit to each other
But we don’t want to let go of each other either
We are selfish!

You always want me as an appetizer
Sometimes as a dessert
Depending on how big your appetite is on that day
I always want you
To quench my thirst
I always need a drop of you
To compliment my oasis of love
But we don’t own each other’s hearts

You are my best mistake
I pray and fast
For divine intervention
So that I can leave you behind
And focus on the owner of my heart
But somehow you sneak back in
Swiftly like the serpent in the garden of Eden
You tempt me
With words of affirmation
And empty promises
That I know for sure
Mean nothing!

Release me from this bondage
Set me free
Let me fly high
Let me spread my wings
And commit myself
Fully to another
Who is truly deserving
Of a pregnant heart
Full of love to give

Let me let go of you
Allow me to say goodbye
Excuse my heart
And spare me from what I’m about to do to you
Let me apologize
For the pain I’m about to inflict on you
For the mess I’m about to unleash
For the havoc I’m about to wreck

Pardon my selfishness
For thinking about me
For thinking about you
And considering what’s best
For each one of us
Do not hold it against me
For I’m about to do
What’s best for both of us

Do have mercy on my heart
Let it go
Take it easy on my love
It doesn’t belong to you
I want to taste the waters
The deep waters of love
That have been calling
And I have been hesitant
Reluctant to say the least
Because I wasn’t sure
Whether to let go
Or hold on
To this dream
That is beautiful
Only when I’m asleep
But once I wake
It turns out to be a nightmare


9 thoughts on “PERFECTLY WRONG

  1. Oh ma my!!!
    This is some awesome piece girl, wuuah!
    You’ve perfectly brought a situation of entanglement to life.. yaani I’m almost in tears. How bittersweet 😅

  2. 😂😂 The body is never patient and that’s why it always gets first, then later the heart can find something (else) sustainable 😂😂

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