Your love was enough for me
With you
I was overflowing with contentment
Covered with acres of bliss
I was swollen with fulfillment
For you
I would have gone to war
I would have protected you with my life
I would have toiled endlessly
To keep you happy

With you
I needed no one else
You secured my heart
Ensured my happiness
Secured my peace of mind
I let you in completely
I was a fool in love

It felt like teenagers in love
How freely our hearts interacted
How effortlessly our souls connected
How beautifully our emotions communicated
With you
I was at peace with who I am
And who I was becoming

The future was clear
Bright like the morning sun
Peaceful like the stillness of nature
Abundance was our portion
There is nothing we couldn’t have achieved

You never held back
In showing me your love
Your heart was an open book
My heart understood it completely
They complemented each other

I still want no other
But you
Yes, absence makes the heart
Grow fonder
My heart recognizes you
Even with the distance

My love
Knows no other home
Other than your warm arms
It could wander all year
But it will still long for you
And find its way to you

Our souls
Are intertwined
They were placed here
To bump into each other
To compliment each other
To find forever in each other

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