She was the fire
The life of the party
The vibe
The IT in every relationship
She always lit everyone up
In her presence every lady doubted their beauty

She was the queen
Miss steal your man
She made bitches insecure
Every man wanted her
Every girl wanted to be her
She seemed composed
As if she got it

She was high maintenance
Everything she had was A class
Top notch
You couldn’t hang out with her
If you didn’t suit her class
She was well put together
Her make up, her hair, nails
Always on point

She was bad
My kind of bad
There was nothing she wanted
That she didn’t go after
Courageous was her second name
Her beauty was magical
She always looked like a snack
She always made the world spin
But it was all a façade

Behind closed doors
She had a bad reputation
When the show was over
Curtains closed
Lights off
And the crowd retired to their homes
Reality was bitter than bile
She detested the person she was

She hated the world
For putting a price tag on her
Based on face value
Most of the men
Wanted a taste of her
To confirm the rumors
That she was sweeter than wine

She hated the fact she was weak
And always gave in to them
Sex made her feel powerful
Like she owned her lovers
It was the only time she had control
The only time she would forget
Her bitter reality
Her insecurities

The more they wanted her
The more pleased she was
They made her believe
That she was indeed beautiful

But truth be told
No one wanted to be her friend
The girls who knew her
Talked tons of shit
Behind her back
The men who had eaten from her clitoral garden
Spoke of how much of a slut she was

She was lonely
And empty inside
She loathed her company
Cried herself to sleep
Every night

All my friends had seen her naked
Or so the story went
Her name was dragged through the mad
Cheap, Easy, prostitute
Is what they called her
Yet they filled her with praises
When they were with her

Girls did not want to be labelled
By the company they kept
Her company
Meant associating her with you
Show me you company
And I’ll tell you who you are
That’s what they believed

She was the campus whore
The slay queen with no worth
The valueless woman
Whose honey pot
Had lost a collosal amount of honey!


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