He wanted to be Spartacus
In our arena of love
He wanted to conquer them all
Whether by sweat or blood
He was determined
To send his opponents
To their death bed
By serving their heads
On a platter of silver
To the king and other royals

He wanted to reign
In my heart
And conquer me
Whether by might or power
He was willing
To send any other suitors
To their home, defeated
With their tails between their legs

He wanted to be my saviour
He was resolved to save me
From my self
To wash me clean
Off my sins
To send the demons
In me packing
Their heads down with shame

He wanted to be my knight in shinning armour
To protect me from men with Ill intent
To protect me from heartbreak
And secure my heart
From stormy unions
To save my emotions from tumultuous relationships

He wanted to be my pirate
He was determined to steal my heart
And have me solely to himself
To love and to treasure
To care and to cherish
To hold and to own
To keep my heart and soul
Under lock and key
In his treasure chest
And guard it with his life
For no other pirate to find

He wanted to be the king
In my queendom
To oust any other potential ruler
And rule over my heart, my emotions, my life
Making me bow to his wishes and demands
And make me dance to his tunes of love
And give in to his numerous commands

He wanted to be my master
Me, his subject
His obedient subject
Who would not refute my honorable master’s wishes
And would worship and adore him
And kiss the very ground he stepped on
As if my life depended on it

He wanted me to be the submissive wife
One who was there to be seen and not heard
One who belonged to the kitchen
One who would break her back to please her man
One who would give in to her man’s sexual needs
Without considering her own first
One who would give up her job to take care of her family
One who would put her dreams on hold
And let her man soar to greater heights
One who would stay home and beg her man to provide
One who would be the lesser partner in the union
One who would be silenced by threats of thorough beating
And worship her man
As if he was God

But he realized
That this woman
Is an alpha female
A woman who cannot be intimidated
One who can hold her own
Whose definition of submissive does not mean slavery
One whose voice cannot be silenced
A woman with the fight of a lioness
Who needed a strong man
Not in physical strength
But strong in emotional intelligence
With a self esteem that cannot be shaken
One who can’t be intimated by a strong woman
One who can be an equal partner
An assertive woman
A woman whose vision is larger than life!


18 thoughts on “DOMINEERING HEART!

    1. True, times have changed and women don’t have to be limited by the roles defined by society but rather they need to discover who they are and embrace that with all their might

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