I was sad
I was overwhelmed
By sadness so deep
I was lost in it
For a while

Nothing else made sense
I dwelt in that moment
Of sadness
Brought about by my life events
The happenings that I had no control over

I camped in those feelings
And forgot what mattered
I forgot to be grateful
For the things that gave me life
The things that gave me fulfillment

I forgot to count my blessings
And in that moment
I forgot
How far I had come
I forgot
How beautiful my journey has been

I forgot
The bliss that had been my life
I forgot
The silence in the peace
That had been my companion for years
I forgot
How to pray

All I could see
Was my failure
My inevitable new life
A manโ€™s dream being my reality
My dreams put on hold

All I remembered
Was how broken I felt
How disappointment had become my companion
How the puzzle was incomplete
How much I had failed

I forgot to see
The small milestones
The big blessings
The small achievements
The lessons learnt
The light at the end of the tunnel

And in that moment
I almost gave up
I almost gave in to the sadness
I almost let pain win
I almost accepted
My state of mind

Then it dawned on me
That this was the aftermath
And that it was beautiful
It could be beautiful
I realized
How strong I am
And how sadness cannot define my life
Unless I let it!

14 thoughts on “JUST AN AFTERTHOUGHT

  1. Now this is just so beautiful, I love it! The glimmer of hope at the end makes her a Diamond in the rough.

  2. Lovely. Let’s reminisce with gratitude. A better half of the year begins too and we’ll count every blessing.

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