I saw it in his eyes
The piercing stare
The anger
The devil in him
Came alive

The struggle
The façade
The insecurities
The fears
Came alive

He had dined
With the devil
They were frenemies
He had managed to keep him at bay

I saw it in his demeanor
In his body language
In his talk
In his smile

I could feel him in his words
In his actions
In his expressions

He wanted to awaken
The devil in me
He wanted to meet
The beast inside
That I had managed
To keep out of sight

He beckoned
He called out
He tempted
The other side of me
To awaken
And take over
And take control

But I wanted
To lay still
Not to feel
What was happening
I wanted to harness
My prior peaceful state
And stay in it
For a while

I did not want
To let reality sneak in
And give me a rude weakening
I wanted to get lost
In my thoughts forever
And forget that he was here
To meet me
The devil!

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