Have you heard the sound of a breaking heart?
Have you felt your heart break into small pieces?
Pieces so small they can’t be fixed?
I have heard the sound of my breaking heart!
I have felt the pain of a broken heart!

I have felt lost
In my feelings
Of anger
In my own emotions
In my own life
I have felt confused
I have felt lonely
Even when I’m not alone

I have thought of leaving
To lose my pain
To find my purpose
To find my emotions
I have felt like leaving for good
To embark on a journey
With no end
To go and never look back
To disappear
And start a fresh

I have thought of giving in
Giving up
Letting go
Because I have no more fight left in me
I have thought of making it easy on you
By letting you be
By leaving you
For my own sanity

I have tried to sleep on it
To sleep over it
I have even tried to stop thinking about it
To stop thinking about you
About us
But my thoughts are all over the place
My feelings have gone cold, like a dead body

I have cried a river
If not an ocean
Hoping that my tears
Will wash away the pain
And hide the struggle
I hoped that my face will not betray me

I’m tired
I feel worn out
I’m fed up
With you and your constant complaining
I’m spent
Trying to meet your every expectation
Doing my best to please you
Working everyday for your love
But I’m woke now

You’ve changed
A lot
You found comfort in your self
You made new friends
You got comfortable
That you forgot about me
And the space I occupied in your life
You became selfish
Even more selfish than before.

You became worse than your original self
Arrogance became your companion
You started making the same mistakes as before
Surprising me the most

You have gone back to your old ways
Proving that old habits die hard
My love for you has been corroded by your selfish moves
And its place has been occupied by hate
Immense hate that makes me despise you
Hate that makes me want to go far away from you
Far away to a world unknown
Sometimes I feel like I just want a break from you
A break that could last longer than a normal break


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