Yesterday temptation knocked hard on my door; I answered.
Temptation made me anxious, helpless…uneasy.
Temptation engulfed my entire being with desire.
Temptation came looking, invited himself in.
Temptation commands a lot of respect.
Temptation has a lot of power.
I want to give in.
I’m tempted to conform.
Temptation has never felt so strong.
Temptation came searching, for a woman to love or not; I’m not sure
Temptation came searching for someone to take away his loneliness.
Temptation did not mind that he might not be welcomed
Temptation made my heart pound; my tummy rumble, my feet numb.
Temptation wanted to have a conversation with me
To perhaps get a chance to know me better.
Temptation told me all the right things; he knew exactly what to say.
I suspected that temptation would visit; but I hoped he wouldn’t
I was not ready to have an encounter with him yet
I was not sure I was ready to give in
It didn’t feel right
Temptation said that in life it doesn’t matter
Whether it is right or wrong
He said its about fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness
Temptation was tempting
Temptation didn’t know that to me love was an illusion, an intangible dream
Temptation didn’t know that I was a mess.
Temptation thinks I’m gorgeous, little does he know that I am a beautiful disaster.
I was not ready to let temptation go.
Temptation tastes so good, so delicious I’d devour him
Temptation tastes like the forbidden fruit.. From the Bible
Temptation feels like an encounter with him would be nothing short of a sin
Temptation is warm, makes me nervous
Temptation excites me
How can I let temptation go when I know how sweet he tastes
How can I fight temptation when he comes on to me stronger than love
How can I resist temptation when he impresses me even without trying
Temptation beckons, I want to answer
To surrender
To let him in, completely in
I want to drown in the ocean of lust with him
To swim in the river of desire with him
Temptation makes me laugh, he is hilarious
Temptation has no façade
But how can I have both love and temptation?
How could I eat my cake and have it too?
Would God Pardon me for falling for temptation?
Who was to blame for my lack of control?
Me or temptation?
To tell you the truth
I like temptation a lot
I’m afraid I’m falling for temptation
I’m worried there is nothing I can do about it
I’m scared that love might notice that I like temptation
That I’m excited by how he tempts me.
Yes, I led temptation on
Gave him some hints
I encouraged him to tempt me
I am to blame
I tried to fight it
I just couldn’t
I tried to resist, but desire wouldn’t relent
At some point, I lost the battle
How could temptation win the war?
Is temptation to blame for crossing my path
For making me second guess myself
For looking my way?
My Oh my, temptation!

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