I believe in God, the father Almighty. Creator of everything in the universe, the source of all power, strength, wisdom and knowledge. In Him we live (have vitality) and move (have dynamic energy) and have our being (attain completeness). He is the source of atomic energy, physical energy and even spiritual energy. Even the Bible affirms that in Isaiah 11:31; ‘but they that await upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall run and not be weary and they shall walk and not faint.’
For one to attain complete strength, strength that doesn’t wear out, the answer is simple; you only need to believe in the power of God. He is the one that energizes and re-energizes us. Through him we gain the ability to think, to work and even move.
By believing in the power of God, you allow him to take over your being, your thought process and your spiritual being. When you establish contact with God, you allow him to take care of your personality, to renew the right spirit within you each time that you come short; but when this contact is broken, the personality is depleted in mind, spirit and body. You become like a machine that cannot function when it’s disconnected from the power source. In our lives, God is the power source. Everything begins and ends with him. For one to have constant energy, the mental, spiritual and physical need to work harmoniously.

When you pass an energy producing thought through your mind it affects the spiritual being and also the physical. That only means one thing; that with God in your life you learn that having a sound religious life is key. When this is achieved, you attain complete spiritual energy and when your spiritual energy is in constant supply, you learn to trust in the power of God. This enables you to get rid of the fear factor in your life. Where there is God, there is faith and where FAITH resides there is no room for fear.
Fear is the most powerful of all forces with one exception only and that is faith; master fear and you will ultimately master faith.

The Bible tells us that we only need to have faith as little as a mustard seed and that little faith can move mountains. So when you establish contact with God the Almighty, he gives you the peace that surpasses all understanding; he gives you a sound spiritual life and with a firm faith in Him you learn to believe in his promises. This belief brings about peace of mind. Thus a sound spiritual life begets a sound mental state and as we all know everything begins in the mind. When you are in a peaceful mental state, you have constant mental energy and with no room for fear; you overcome negativity and cultivate a positive mental environment which in return begets a positive physical state.

Therefore for one to attain a positive life you need to attain a positive mindset. A positive mindset only results from a sound spiritual life. A sound spiritual life on the other hand needs one to apply religious principles and practices continuously. And just like any science they need to be practiced constantly to endure that the contact established with God is maintained and grows. This contact enables one to get rid of fear worry and doubt. It makes one consult God at any time of the day. When you make God a part of your mental, spiritual and physical being he becomes your partner ; and just like any other partner in life you will learn to consult him before making any decisions.
With God as your partner, your confidence will shoot up. you will believe in yourself because you believe in Him. When you master faith, you will always expect the best and you will definitely attain any goals that you allow Him to set for you.
Fret not, be still and know that He is God.

10 thoughts on “WHO’S YOUR PARTNER?

  1. Very powerful message right there.
    I can’t thank God enough for you and this message.
    Keep believing in God it’s the best thing that can ever happen to mankind

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