Yarnkara bags: the crocodile stitch sling bag.

Hello everyone hope you enjoyed your December holidays and are looking forward to a great year ahead. Today’s project is about working the crocodile stitch, so let’s gets into it.


Yarn of preferred colour and size.

A crochet hook, I used a size 5 mm crochet hook.

Some cotton lining.

Zippers or buttons.

Handles for your bags.

A darning needle.

Stitches used.

Double crochet stitches.

Single crochet stitches

Skills required.



Pattern to be acquired.

The crocodile stitch pattern

The crocodile stitch sling bag.

The crocodile stitch bag is worked by first chaining 70 stitches. This is because the crocodile stitch is worked in multiples of 7 so whichever number you decide to work with ensure that it is a multiple of 7. In my case, I worked 70 stitches then slip stitched to the first stitch I made to make a loop.

The crocodile stitch sling bag.

The first round is then made by working double crochet stitches in each stitch around. The crocodile stitch is then worked up and down the double crochet stitches we just made. So after you make your last double crochet stitch and slip stitch, chain one then work 5 double crochet stitches down that first double crochet stitch and another 5 double crochet up the next double crochet stitch then at the end, chain one and skip 5 stitches and on the 6th stitch work 5 dc down that stitch and 5 more dc stitches up the 7th stitch. Repeat this around.

The crocodile stitch sling bag.

At the end, slip stitch to the middle of the group of five and work 2 dc stitches in the same stitch then work 5 dc sts in each of the next 5 sts then 2 dc in the same stitch. Repeat this all around.

The crocodile stitch sling bag.

The pattern is basically a repeat of row two and three. After working about ten rows then work sc stitches for about four to five rows then put your zipper or button.

The crocodile stitch sling bag.

You can then work in your lining and then your handles. Join the bottom of your bag using your darning needle then weave in your loose ends and your project is complete.

Thought conditioner

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.


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