DIY: The Phone Case Project.

Howdy positive thinkers and team Yarnkara, its been a while. I hope that you are safe and positive wherever you are.
Today I will be letting you in on some easy phone case projects that you can make for yourselves or for any special people in your lives as presents.

I found that these phone cases come in handy when you are trying to protect your phone from scratches and they also cushion your phone from hard falls. The phone case allows one to carry their phone around when going for short walks or when going to run a quick errand. They are easy to make and any beginner crocheter can do it with ease.

This project is however a customised project since you have to know the measurement of your phone so that you can make a phone case that will be a perfect fit for your phone. That means that if you are making a phone case for someone else, make sure that you know the exact measurement of  the phone in question.

Materials needed

  • Yarn of preferred colour and size.(In my projects I used chunky yarn and fine yarn)
  • A crochet hook of required size. (In the projects with chunky yarn, I used a size 6 mm crochet hook and for the ones with fine yarn, I used a size 3.5 mm crochet hook)
  • A tape measure.
  • A tapestry needle ( To weave in the loose ends and to sew in buttons).
  • Buttons (optional).
  • A pair of scissors.

Stitches used.

Double crochet stitches (dc sts)

Single crochet stitches ( sc sts)

Made with fine yarn.
Made with butterfly chunky yarn
Made with robin chunky yarn

The pattern.

Round 1: Make a chain of fourteen stitches then dc on the fourth stitch from the hook, you will have 2 dc sts then work ten more dc stitches along the foundation chain, you will have 12 stitches then work 12 more dc sts on the other side of your foundation chain to make a total of 24 dc sts. Slip stitch on the 3rd chain of the chain 3 stitches.

Round 2: Chain 3, dc on the next 23 stitches working on the back loops only.

Phone sleeve

Round 3-12: Work 24 dc stitches in each round working on back loops only.

Remember that the number of rounds you work for this project completely depends on the size of the phone you are making the sleeve for.

Phone sleeve with flower

When using different colours of yarn, make sure you maintain a certain pattern when changing colours.

You can add a flower on the front or back depending on your preference.

Phone cases
Yarnkara phone sleeves

You can customize your phone case in different ways like for instance you sew on a button , you can add a fastener and some beads, you can even add a flap and pockets.

Yarnkara phone cases

You can also leave them as plain as they come.

Phone sleeves
Yarnkara phone cases
Phone sleeves
Phone cases
Yarnkara phone sleeves

I hope you enjoy working this project, until next time stay positive.

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