Hats and Ribbed Infinity Cowls.

Hey guys,today I decided to write a bonus post to show you some nice pictures of the tam,the beret hat with hearts and the infinity ribbed cowl.

I made a number of hats and cowls in different colours and I loved the outcome.

The tam is a hat that is great for keeping warm.It suits different hair styles and different skin tones.It can be worn in a number of different styles,to suit your preferences.

Green tam and infinity cowl.
Purple tam and infinity cowl
Hats and cowls
Tams and infinity cowls

The infinity ribbed cowl comes out in a ribbed pattern because of the front post and back post double crochet stitches. Its an infinity cowl because it comes out in an infinite kind of loop.Its warm enough to be worn even on a warm day.

Its unique,stylish and can be worn with different colours.

Ribbed infinity cowls
Infinity cowls and hats
Infinity ribbed cowl and tam
Beret hat with hearts and infinity cowl
Beret hats and infinity cowls

Beret hats are warm and stylish.Can be worn with different colours and are unique.The back of the beret hat has flower patterns giving it the name,beret hat with hearts.

Pink beret hat with a neckwarmer.
Purple beret hat with hearts
Beret hat with hearts
Hats and cowls
Hats and cowls
Tam and infinity cowl
Hats and cowls
Rear view

Tam and infinity cowl
Tam and infinity cowl

Neck warmers come in different shapes and sizes.I decided to make one with a button on the back.It is unique,warm and stylish.

Neck warmer
Neck warmer and pink beret hat
Neck warmer

Thought conditioner:

Beauty is all around,if you open your heart to see.

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