KNITTING 101: The basics

So, you are probably wondering what knitting is really all about and if it is worth your time, the answer;Its simply more than words.Knitting could be an easy thing to learn but it could also be hard,this is because knitting has a lot to do with one’s willingness to learn and how fast an individual can learn.It could take a longer time for some people to learn it but it could be shorter for some people.One thing about knitting though, is the fact that knitting can only be made perfect through practice. So the more you practice the better you become.
For knitting to be your lifelong hobby you need to have a burning desire and a passion for it.This passion will be your drive to learn more and to practice even the more as knitting is not a one day affair.As such you need to understand the reasons that drive you to knit,is it passion for fashion,passion for design,is it a challenge that you give yourself that you need to conquer or are you simply knitting as a pastime? Whatever the drive may be ,one thing is for sure though, for you to become perfect in it you need to love it.
Knitting has been viewed as a woman’s activity over the years but one thing that is emerging in the contemporary world is the fact that knitting is also done and enjoyed by men.It is not just a woman’s thing anymore but anyone can simply do it.So for all the men out there do not be afraid to try knitting,who knows,it could be exactly what you need.I know some of you may be a bit skeptical to try it out but there are lots of men products that you can knit for yourself e.g beanies and scarfs, so taste and see and maybe,just maybe you’ll love it.
One thing you should keep in mind is the fact that knitting could be tiring. One project could take days or even weeks to finish so before you embark on your project make sure you have a comfortable seat to prevent you from getting any back complications, make sure you have enough yarn to finish the project and enough patience to get to the end of the project.If you are using a free pattern make sure you understand the knitting terms in the pattern and follow it to the latter and incase you are using your own pattern make sure the pattern works so as to avoid complications in the middle of your project.
Incase you are working on a project that is unique to an individual make sure you get the measurements rights e.g when knitting a laptop sleeve or a phone case make sure you get the exact measurement of the laptop or phone in question because laptops and phones vary in width and length,so get the exact measurements to ensure that the laptop fits in the sleeve perfectly.
It is important to note that sometimes when knitting you may make some mistakes like maybe skipping a stitch or two,adding a stitch or two or even mixing the stitches.When you realise that you have done a mistake simply undo your work and start over,trust me its never as serious as finishing a project then realising that whatever you made simply won’t fit or isn’t perfect.So to avoid making the above mistakes, make sure you count the number of stitches at the end of every row,use stitch markers where possible and know and understand the pattern you are using in a project.You should also know the type of yarn to use with your needles this is because needles are usually of different sizes,small needles require small yarn but big needles require chunky or extra chunky yarn.
Last but not least knitting is an every day learning experience so expect to learn a new thing or two everyday.Learning could be at an individual level or a group level that means you can share knitting ideas,pictures of knitted items or even knitting patterns with friends and with that you can teach them a thing and also learn a thing or two from them.All in all remember that getting used to holding knitting needles or even a crotchet hook may take a few days but when you get used to it you will enjoy knitting I can assure you that.
Until next time happy crotchet.


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