cloth with artistic design

My heart is in pain
No, more like in shock!
It’s cold
It’s like I’m present here
But not really present anywhere;
It was beginning to familiarize itself with feelings of love
But it’s been stopped fast on it’s tracks
It was beginning to thaw out feelings of pain and betrayal
But then it met a suitcase full of mistrust and the biggest ball of betrayal;
Now my heart is freezing again
Never to thaw out in the near future!

I’m in a dark room
Fear seems to be familiarizing itself with me
There are seats arranged in a circle
Like in an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting
It seems like there is an intervention going on
But I can’t seem to see the others present
I’m seated in a corner, on the floor
More like trying to hide;
Like a terrified child
The voices in my head are terrifying
One voice in particular is of a sadistic laughter
I cover my ears
My head buried in my thighs
I try to lock them out of my head
But all I can do is cry like a helpless baby
Because for the first time in my life
Life cheated me
It made me a laughing stock
And the ghosts are darker than the room I’m in
I can’t seem to see them;
I’m scared to meet them
And for once, life has punched me in the gut!
I don’t know if I can save myself
I’m scared I might not find my way out of this dark room


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