person on a bridge near a lake

When I left;
I was worn out
My heart was exhausted
My brain was tired
It had burn out
Loving you was too much of a task for me,
A tall order!

When I left;
The bare sight of me
Disgusted you
A simple look at me
Resurrected your demons

When I left;
I set you free
I let you go completely
But you claim
That I held you hostage
That your heart is lonely
That it’s longing for my love

When I left;
You started a nationwide search for me
Claiming that you needed your love doctor
That only my love could heal you
You alleged that your heart was in ICU
And you needed me to resuscitate it
That I am the secret antidote required for you to function again;

But you forgot that,
When I left
I went!
My heart took a walk
And it fell in love with freedom
It could finally breath!
And it fell so hard for the peace and tranquility that was lurking in my vicinity
I realized that I needed to save my heart first!

20 thoughts on “WHEN I LEFT!

        1. Enough is enough, very few would know the importance of this phrase, in relation to heartbreaks and disappointments..Great piece Apese..

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