I had forgotten
The sweet scent of your perfume
Until I met that stranger
A few years ago;

That sweet scent evoked sensual emotions,
Reminded me of home
And how long I had been running,
It reminded me of scars;
Scars of love!

You wouldn’t understand though;
I mean,
Do you know pain?
Do you have scars?
Scars of love?

That scent reminded me of brokenness,
It reminded me of you!

That sweet scent
Rejuvenated my mind
Awakened thoughts
Buried deep in the caverns of my heart!

I miss that scent;
On your skin
And how hard it made my heart beat
Arousing the hairs on the nape of my neck;

It’s strange
How that scent awakens the good, the bad and the ugly;
Making me yearn for a love so deep
But scared that my scars might be bruised;

You don’t know pain
I don’t expect you to understand
Why I could love you so hard
But let go of you
So easily.


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