My heart yearns for love,
But it’s not willing to conform
To the ways of love!

My heart craves for affection,
But it won’t cave in
When it’s shown affection!

My heart wants to feel
The sweetness of romance
But it won’t melt when exposed to it!

My heart wants to be seduced,
But it plays hard to get
Every time a potential suitor is in the vicinity!

My heart wants to be conquered,
But it’s hard headed
It won’t submit itself to another!

My heart recognizes submission,
But it’s dominant
And won’t let another rule over it!

14 thoughts on “THE PLAIN TRUTH!

  1. I think those are some of the repercussions of either staying single for long or a bad experience…heart intricacies 😞😞

  2. The heart is delicate and shy too. It’s prone to stimulus generalisation. Who’ll save it from all these? Thank you for the touching piece!

  3. The tenderness that comes with the matters of the heart can only be fulfilled when the brain is in agreement

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