I’m addicted to coffee
Just like I’m addicted to sins
I love my coffee black with no sugar
It depicts how dark my sins are!

I love coffee
It keeps me up at night
The perfect time to commit some sins
I love the caffeine
It’s like nicotine to me
It stimulates my soul
Makes me naughty
Makes my mind run wild
Makes me drown in the naughtiness of my sins

I drink it with relish
As I pat myself on the back
For a sin well committed
I long for the darkness of the night
As the sun dawns
Coffee beckons
Sin tempts
Draws me closer

I can’t resist
I can’t fight it
I thirst for it
I yearn for it

Sin and coffee compliment me
Tonight I want to commit
My worst sin yet
As he drinks his whiskey
I’ll be sipping some coffee
I want to be alert
When I make him pay for his sins
I want to be awake
When he drifts to slumber
I’ll wait there armed
Ready to strike!


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