I was his first
He said he had never
Tasted or Seen
Lady parts
In his twenty something years

He was not the first
To visit my clitoral garden
But I was the first
To see, touch and taste
His monkey

Since then
He wanted it everywhere
He wanted to touch it
Eat it
Rock it
Explore it

He was determined
To pleasure me
To please me
To leave an indelible mark
In me

He couldn’t live without me
That’s what he said
He was nothing without me
That’s what he claimed
He was not ready to face life without me
That’s what he alleged

He would make me his wife
That was a promise
He would give me his name
That was his desire
He would father my children
That’s what he believed

We kissed in the rain
True story
Had picnics in the forests
Doubt me not
Made love everywhere
Just like rabbits

He sang to me
Danced for me
When we went for our endless walks
Did everything to make me laugh
He was my ice
He cooled me in mysterious ways

Then he broke up with me
No, he wanted a break
And I gave it to him
Reason being
A suit!
That his tailor messed
Then he blamed it on me
For not checking

He came back
After the break he asked for was over
Little did he know
That I took such actions of betrayal to heart
His break was over
But mine was just starting

It hurt me
Being away from him
We cried under the rain
When we said our goodbyes
Yes, I just couldn’t
Trust him with my heart again

He still called
Once every year
To check on me
He even called
Before his wedding
To ask for forgiveness
He even called
A day after getting married

He said he missed me
He couldn’t find someone like me
He called a couple of years later
Telling me
He had divorced her
The more reason I couldn’t trust him with my heart

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