DIY: Infinity cowl project.

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Its been a cold month and I saw it fit to give you the pattern of the infinity cowl so that you can make yourselves some cowls to keep you warm and stylish during the cold season. The infinity cowl forms an infinite kind of loop and as such allows you to wear it in a number of different styles.Its also light and small enough to be carried in one’s handbag and can be worn by both males and females. It can be made in a variety of colours to suit one’s preference.

The infinity cowl project is an easy one as long as you are familiar with the types of stitches to use in this project. In case you are having trouble understanding the pattern, feel free to refer to my previous articles on crochet stitches. So, let’s get started:

Materials needed:

Yarn of preferred colour and size (I used robin chunky yarn).

A crochet hook of preferred size to go with the yarn (I used a size 5 crochet hook).

Tapestry needle ( To weave in your loose ends).

A pair of scissors.

Stiches used:

Chain stitches (Ch sts)

Single crochet stitches (Sc sts)

Double crochet stitches (Dc sts)

Front post double crochet stitches (FPdc sts)

Back post double crochet stitches (BPdc sts)

Skill level:

Intermediate crocheters.

The pattern.

Make a slip knot.

Make a chain of 130 stitches for your foundation chain, slip stitch on the first stitch you made to make a continuous loop. You have now joined your foundation chain.

Infinity cowls

Round 1: Chain 1, work 1sc in the same stitch to make the first stitch of your first row, then work 1 sc stitches in each of the next 129 stitches.You will have a total of 130 sc stitches.

Instead of ending that round by slip stitching into the first sc stitch,you turn your work upside down so that the side you just worked is facing down and the unworked part of your foundation chain is now facing you.

With your crochet hook on the other side, work 1 sc stitch on the stitch that is now facing you, which will be directly above your first stitch on the other side; then continue working 129 more single crochet stitches in each of the next 129 stitches.

Note: You will have to work on both sides of the foundation chain so that you can create the infinity pattern.That means that when working on this project, you should keep in mind that one complete round is made of 260 stitches, meaning that you have to work 130 stitches on the top of your foundation chain and another 130 stitches  on the bottom before slip stitching to end the row.

The last sc stitch you make will lead you right back to the top of the foundation chain where you made your first single crochet, then you slip stitch.

Infinity cowl

Round 2: Chain 3, work 1dc stitches on the back loops of the single crochet stitches that you made for your first round. You should have a total of 260 dc sts for your second round. Slip stitch on the 3rd stitch of the chain 3 stitch.

Infinity cowl

Round 3: This is where you start working your front post and back post double crochet stitches to give you the ribbing effect.

Chain 3, work 1 FPdc then 1 BPdc .

Ch3,FPdc,BPdc,*FPdc,BPdc* .

Repeat from *to* around.Slip stitch on the 3rd stitch of the ch3 st.

Remember, one complete row consists of 260 stitches, which means that for each row you should work 260 stitches of FPdc and BPdc stitches.

Infinity cowl

Round 4-10:  Chain 3 , FPdc,BPdc, *FPdc,BPdc*.

Repeat from *to * around.

Infinity cowl
Infinity cowls
Infinity cowl
Infinity cowl

If you make one of these please feel free to tag me a picture on any of my social media pages. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have fun doing it.God bless.

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