Hallo crocheters,aspiring,crocheters,knitters all over the world and to all positive thinkers out there.I hope you are having a beautiful day though for those in Kenya I know the weather is killing you that’s why I saw it fit to do an article on the basic stitches of crocheting so that I can help any beginner out there who is interested in knitting something for themselves for this cold weather.I hope this article will be easy to comprehend,incase you get confused you can recheck the articles on crotcheting terms and abbreviations.So lets get started:

How to crochet the chain stich(Foundation chain).
The chain stitch is abbreviated as ch st and its also known as the foundation chain when beginning a project.This is beacause almost every crochet pattern begins with a chain stitch.
If you are working in rows then your first stitch in each new row is a number of chain stitches also known as the turning chain.
When working in rounds,you first work a few chain stitches and join them to form a ring where you will then work a number of stitches inside the ring.
To create the chain stitches or the foundation chain in this case;
you make a slip knot,slide your crochet hook inside the slip knot,adjust your yarn to ensure that the slip knot is tight,yarn over and pull up the loop through the slip knot to make your first chain stitch.
Repeat this until yo get the required number of chain stitches for your project.

How to yarn over in crochet.
It is basically wrapping the yarn over your hook during the crochet process.Its the most basic step to every stitch in crocheting.
Yarn overs can be used before or after you insert the hook into the next stitch like when working the double crochet; and sometimes you yarn over two or more times depending on the stitch like in the treble stitch.
Its worked by:
making a slip knot,sliding the crochet hook into the slip knot and bringing the yarn up behind the hook and when the yarn is on your hook its called the yarn over(yo).

How to make a single crochet.
Its abbreviated as sc.
Its worked in the following way;
Make a foundation chain by working the required number of chain stitches for your project.
Insert your hook from front to back into the second chain from the hook,yarn over,pull up the yarn over through your chain stitch,you will have two loops on your hook,yarn over and pull through both loops.You have worked your single crochet.
Repeat this to the end of the chain.

How to make the half double crotchet.
The difference between the hdc and the dc or the sc is that in the hdc you pull through three loops on your hook.
You work the required numbeer of chain stitches for your foundation chain then chain two more stitches.
Yarn over,insert your hook into the third stitch from your hook,yarn over,pull up a loop, you will have three loops on your hook,yarn over then pull through the three loops on your hook and you will have your first half double crochet.
The hdc that you have made is the second stitch on your foundation chain since the chain two works as your first stitch.
Repeat this to the end of the chain.

How to make the double crochet.
Make a foundation chain by working the required number of chain stitches lets say we need a chain of 20 stitches,so you work out 20 stitches then make an additional chain of 3 for the turning chain,yarn over, insert your hook through the front loop and under the back loop of the fourth chain from the hook.
Yarn over,gently pull up a loop through your chain stitch,yarn over,pull through the first 2 loops on your hook,yarn over pull through the last 2 loops on your hook.
You have just worked your first double crotchet which is your second stitch on your foundation chain as the turning chain works as the first stitch on your chain.
Repeat this along the foundation chain.

How to make a turning chain.
Before you begin your next row you should crochet a turning chain.
The purpose of this is to bring your yarn to the necessary height required in order to work the first stitch of your next row.
The turning stitch works as the first stitch of the next row you are going to work.
when using:
Slip stitch-0 turning chain needed
Single crochet-1
Half double crochet-2
Double crochet-3
Triple crochet-4
Triple double crochet-5

How to make a triple crochet.
Its also known as the treble crochet
Work the required number of chain stitches for the foundation chain,chain four more stitches for the turning chain,yarn over the hook twice and insert your hook on the fifth chain from the hook.
Yarn over,pull up a loop,you will have four loops on your hook.
Yarn over pull through the first two loops,yarn over pull through the next two loops on your hook,yarn over,pull through the last two loops on your hook and you have made one triple crochet.
Repeat this along the chain.

How to crochet the V stitch.
To work the v stitch,you will need to work one double crochet then a chain one then another double crochet all in the same stitch.
(dc,ch1,dc)in same stitch.
Repeat this across the row.

How to crochet the slip stitch.
Make a slip knot
Make the required number of stitches for the foundation chain.
Insert your hook into the first chain you made to form a ring
Yarn over and pull it through the loop on your hook and this makes a slip stitch.

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